How headless architecture aligns business objectives and IT flexibility- panel discussion

Missed our Composable commerce panel discussion? You can catch up on our key findings here.

Composable commerce, headless commerce, and MACH (micro-services, API-first, cloud native SaaS, headless) are all recognised terms in today’s world of commerce — B2C and increasingly B2B. For many leading ecommerce businesses, getting on top of these topics is now a priority.

As the pandemic has highlighted, the need to pivot quickly to market. changes and keep their customers engaged, is greater than ever before. But what is headless? What is composable commerce? How does it all tie together with the broader MACH ecosystem to enable ‘commerce from anywhere’?

In a fascinating panel discussion with our partners Algolia, Amplience, commercetools and Fluent Commerce, our experts described the opportunities and challenges, as well as the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of today’s headless architectures and composable commerce.

Why not download our playbook, the business leader‘s guide to a headless commerce strategy. Titled  “Why headless is an essential competence of composable/ how headless commerce enables composable architecture”, this guide is filled with valuable insights and key takeaways.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it back on demand here.

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