Energy Markets 2030

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Thank you for expressing an interest in attending Energy Markets 2030+, a two-part series of virtual events, taking place on 25th January and 10th February from 19:00 – 21:00.

About Energy Markets 2030+

Is the existing energy market fit for purpose in a net-zero future? What should the Energy Markets of 2030+ look like? How can we re-imagine the pathways that will get us there?

Join us for two evenings of practical enquiry and collaborative work to address these pressing questions.

Bringing together key UK Energy Market actors, disruptors and experts, this series has been designed to help us shift our perspectives, explore new possibilities for the future of the UK Energy Markets and accelerate momentum to collectively make our net-zero future a reality.

We strongly believe that looking at things and thinking in the same way as our industry traditionally has, will not lead us anywhere new.  We will approach the complexity of this topic by considering divers perspectives and exploring the inter-relationships between processes and among systems, before exploring the implications of specific pathways.

As a result of the series we will not only have taken a systemic approach to designing possible solutions for the future of the UK Energy Market, but will have also strengthened relationships within the industry to provide further momentum to drive things forward.

The sessions

Please note that these sessions will require your active participation throughout.

What can you expect during the sessions?

You can expect to join a series of collaborative and thought-provoking sessions, that will enable you to further strengthen relationships, gain clarity on possible pathways for the future of the industry, and start moving towards solutions.

Each session will be an open, safe space where we will observe Chatham house rules. To explore the questions fully and freely, we ask that leave your badges at the door and come to represent yourselves and not your organisation.

The series is hosted by Capgemini and will be attended by an intimate group of senior leaders, disruptors and experts from the UK Energy Market who will fill sessions with insight and passion.

Register your interest

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