Connected Health – Accelerating time to care

Insights from Life Sciences leaders.

While Connected Health programs have matured and demand is increasing, many programs have stagnated due to a lack of clear, compelling portfolio strategies that establish their value across the enterprise.

On top of that, value and revenue propositions that are not properly defined, along with siloed operations, make it increasingly challenging to establish functioning, profitable connected Health enterprise ecosystems and connected health products at scale.

So, connected health is under pressure to prove its value, to drive innovation and to create commercial offerings at scale. What can Life Sciences companies do to solve this, how can they scale up? What can they do to avoid getting stuck in pilots and truly deliver on the promise of the future in this ever-changing regulatory environment? How do they manage all the components of connected health seamlessly and what could be the recipe for success?

In this webinar, Life Sciences leaders and Capgemini experts share their insights on what the future of Connected Health could look like. They will discuss a range of questions including:

  • How do you ensure that you can scale up your connected health projects and that you don’t get stuck in pilots?
    What role does innovation play in your portfolio strategy?
  • How can organizations convert connected health into value?
  • What is the role of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and Digital therapeutics (DTx) in Connected health?
  • What does a roadmap towards successful integration of innovation look like, and how can you avoid or overcome the common pitfalls that could endanger progress?
  • How do you create an ecosystem that is effective and scalable in today’s market for launching connected health programs and tools?

If you’re a Connected Health leader in Pharma, MedTech or Biotech, looking to understand what will make connected health a value driving part of your enterprise, please join this knowledge exchange with our expert panel.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Steps to ensure you can scale and avoid getting stuck in pilots
  • How to convert Connected Health into value
  • Lessons learned from industry on integrating innovation for success
  • How to build the right ecosystem of platforms, technologies, services, partners, and stakeholders to successfully launch connected health programs
Brad Van Orden
Director, Digital Therapeutics
Bristol Myers Squibb
Emily Tower
Vice President Connected Health, Capgemini
Geoff McCleary
Vice President Global Connected Health Lead, Capgemini
Joseph Corrigan
Head of Intelligent Healthcare, Cambridge Consultants
Ryan Sysko
CEO, Amalgam Rx, Inc.
Chiara Diana
Chief Design Officer, Frog
Agnès De Leersnyder
CEO, Future4care

Event details

November 9, 2021 2:00 pm
Online Webinar