Designing effective learning solutions in the age of digital transformation

Have you ever asked yourselves the following questions before starting an IT training program?

  • Why is the final goal that a programme is intended to achieve so important and how can learning be positioned to ensure that this goal is reached?
  • What is the most effective learning method for an IT implementation and how do you decide what that is?
  • What factors might be challenges or blockers to the success of learning?
  • What makes learning as real as possible for learners impacted by an IT programme?
  • Why are business examples important and how do you get them?
  • What are some of the pitfalls when designing and delivering training?
  • How should learning be evaluated and what will success look like?

We ask these questions on every project and in a series of 7 podcasts we hope to provide some comprehensive answers to these questions, to help you make a learning program successful.

Episode 1: In this first episode we introduce ourselves and talk about some of the things that have kept us enthralled by training for the last 20 years

Episode 2: We discuss how to design and build an effective training strategy to ensure learning is both effective, efficient and is embedded within your organisation for the lifetime of the solution.

Episode 3: In this episode we discuss the why a learning needs analysis is important, why you need to do one, the impacts of not doing it and how to go about doing it.

Episode 4: In this episode we talk about how we create training materials in line with the most up-to-date thinking in adult learning. We discuss new learning technologies and about how we have used them in some of our most recent projects.

Episode 5: Do you deliver training using the most effective and efficient training delivery methods available?  In this episode we talk about what we think are the best ways to facilitate the learning of others

Episode 6: How do you know your training has been successful?  Have your delegates learned what they needed to?  Were the knowledge, skills and attitude transferred to the workplace?  Did the training improve your bottom line? 

Episode 7: So, you have finished delivering training, or have you?  We discuss the activities and the planning you need to do to make sure you are ready and able to support your end users during ‘post go-live support.