At least 35% of our active Tier 1 suppliers are from diverse groups. We are working to maintain, and improve, the number, value and ease of inclusion. We support and monitor our Tier 1 suppliers’ performance and it is mandatory that they extend the same Diversity policies and practices through their supply chains.


Supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs):

We value the innovation and unique opportunities offered by working with SMEs and other underrepresented supply chain partners. Our dealings and commercial negotiations are always characterised by mutual fair treatment and integrity.

Our SourceSME programme helps our people to identify SME suppliers and our supplier resources hub gives all suppliers clear and accessible information about our procurement procedures and expectations.


Collaborating with an SME to develop and host our supplier profile assessment

Our Sustainability Compliance team have a long-standing relationship with an SME website development company. This SME built and hosted Capgemini’s first online supplier assessment tool in 2009, which was used to assess more than 5,000 suppliers, before being redeveloped in 2016.

In 2016, we collaborated again with the SME, using our design and detailed specifications and their technical expertise to develop our new Supplier Profile assessment platform that was launched in August 2016. The system has assessed and holds the data for all our live suppliers facilitating the compliance and management of our supply chain. In December 2017, the Supplier Profile assessment tool was shortlisted for the 2018 Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards Sustainability Innovation: Standards, Systems and Software category.


Sourcing soap with a positive social impact

CLARITY is a social enterprise that has been providing employment for blind people and people with disabilities for over 160 years. They operate to provide people with work and training through the manufacture and sale of their range of beauty and cleaning products. This employment enables CLARITY’s staff to develop their independence and build their confidence, and every five litre bottle of soap generates over one hour of employment. Based in East London, with a traditional workshop in the Lake District, all their products are made in the UK. They currently employ over 110 people, 80% of whom are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. Through the sale of their products they create 10,000 days of employment and aim to generate 60 new jobs each year.

The company were able to meet all our specifications; with their CLARITY range (i.e. 100% vegetable derived, not tested on animals, colour free, perfume free, paraben free and non-allergenic). After a successful pilot in our Woking office, we are planning to switch to a CLARITY product in other Capgemini UK washrooms throughout 2018. This is a sound buying decision with a clear social benefit.

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