The procedure for raising concerns applies to all suppliers, suppliers’ employees and subcontractors whilst the supplier is trading with Capgemini and its employees, external consultants and subcontractors.


Please use this procedure to report any concerns with regard to possible malpractice, wrongdoings or breaches of laws or regulations. Concerns could include irregularities in accounting, auditing or banking matters, bribery, or where any behaviour may create such a risk.

You may raise any concerns with the UK Ethics & Compliance Officer using this form.

Please note this form is for Procurement concern enquiries only and no response will be given to other emails. Please contact us using our business enquiry form if you have a general enquiry.

Reports may be submitted anonymously. However, we would encourage you to provide contact information to allow more comprehensive investigation. We appreciate that you may feel worried about voicing your concern, but if it is raised in good faith, you can be confident that you will receive our full support.

What happens after raising a concern

After you have raised a concern, we will not disclose your identity without your permission unless disclosure is unavoidable during an investigation, or is required by legal or ethical constraints. A report will be disclosed only to people who have a “need to know” for the purpose of the investigation; they will maintain strict secrecy about the content of any reports made, in accordance with relevant law.

You may receive feedback about how the concern you have raised has been dealt with, whether any corrective measures or process improvements have been recommended, and whether any further steps will be taken. In providing feedback, we will take account of the company’s interest in keeping its information confidential, and the rights of any third parties. That means that we will not release details relating to specific individuals and feedback will be of a general nature.

If you have raised a concern with the UK Ethics & Compliance Officer and you think that it has not been handled properly, or that appropriate action has not been taken, you may write to the Group Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at the Group’s headquarters in Paris: Cap Gemini S.A., Place de l’Etoile, 11 rue de Tilsitt, 75017 Paris, FRANCE.

You may also contact the Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer  in the exceptional case that it is inappropriate to raise the issue within the UK.