Paying Our Suppliers

As a responsible company we work to ensure that you are paid promptly. To help us achieve this, please consider the following points below:

Purchase orders

Capgemini UK has a Purchase Order Mandatory Policy: this means that a supplier should never be asked to provide goods or services without first being given a valid purchase order.

A valid purchase order is one that:

  • has been issued from the Capgemini Global Purchasing System
  • has a 12-digit number in the form 95200xxxxxxx, or a 10 digit number in the form 200xxxxxxx
  • has sufficient value to meet the total value of the invoice


All invoices must include certain items of information before we can process them for payment.

These are:

A unique invoice number

  • The correct purchase order number
  • A description of the goods or services supplied that closely resembles that on the purchase order
  • The supplier’s VAT number
  • The Tax Point date
  • Our correct billing address: Capgemini UK plc, Accounts Payable, Mail Point CG0002, Omega House, Emerald Way, Stone Business Park, Stone ST15 0SR

All invoices should be sent to the above address.

Failure to include any of this information may result in your invoices being returned to you unpaid.

Capgemini prefers suppliers to invoice through an eInvoicing System

Getting help

If you have a query about a purchase order or invoice, please contact the Accounts Payable Support Team.

Email address:

Telephone number: 01667 458757 Option 2

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