“This is a business that’s big on empowerment and giving people the freedom to explore their own ideas. So when you deliver a successful project, you feel a greater sense of pride and personal satisfaction.”

Andrew Bates, Project Management & Engagement

What we do

Drawing on the diverse talents of our project managers, technical architects and subject matter experts, we deliver a wide range of transformational IT projects. Sometimes, the solutions we create are transitioned with the client or another supplier to manage. But often we’re also entrusted with their day-to-day running and ongoing development.

How we make an impact

The solutions we deliver have a truly transformational impact on our clients’ organisations. This, together with the shift away from large-scale outsourcing to more project-based work, plus the rise of disruptive new technologies, including the Cloud, means the demand for expertise in this area is greater than ever before.

Who we look for

Of course, the specific skills and experience you need will depend on the role you apply for. But there are certain personal qualities we look for in everyone who works with us. We want:

  • People with a logical and organised approach
    To keep track of the details without losing sight of the big picture, you must approach your work in a structured and methodical way.
  • People who love to take the lead
    You’ve got to be prepared to stand up for your own ideas and take responsibility for the work you do.
  • People with a talent for getting others on side
    Often, you’ll be working with numerous stakeholders. Each with their own agenda. And it’ll be down to you to reconcile them all.

Where you fit in

It’s your talent, experience and passion we’re interested in rather than where you’ve worked before. Colleagues join us from all kinds of backgrounds, ranging from large consulting firms to start ups, SMEs and multinational organisations. Here are a few examples:

  • Infrastructure Project Manager from  Multinational Oil and Gas Company
  • Enterprise Programme Manager  from a Multinational Financial services Corporation
  • Engagement Manager from a European Distribution Business

Why others made the move

We asked some of our experienced hires why they made the move to Capgemini and what makes being part of the team in Project Management & Engagement different to where they’ve worked before.

Please see the videos of Our People.

Where it could lead

You should see your first role with Capgemini as a platform from which you can build real momentum in your career.

What to do next

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