Wherever you join us and in whatever role, you’ll benefit from an innovative approach to learning that’ll ensure you keep growing both personally and professionally throughout your career.

It’s built around our global community and finding ways to access the wealth of knowledge and expertise within it, in a variety of ways that are fresh, engaging, interactive and fun.

Capgemini University

Based at Les Fontaines, a 19th century château in France, Capgemini University makes the most of digital age technology and the latest interactive learning methods. Last year, the University delivered more than 3.3 million learning hours to over 161,000 employees (89% of the Group’s entire headcount), including 4,700 on campus at Les Fontaines , 34,000 locally across 40 countries and 136,000 virtually through e-learning modules and in virtual classrooms. Capgemini University ensures our employees stay at the cutting edge and continue to deliver solutions to meet the latest technological developments.

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Skills Academy

Our Skills Academies are an excellent example of community-based learning, and our unshakeable commitment to the ongoing development of our people. Last year, we hosted a number of these informal sessions, covering everything from Cyber Security to Project Management. Each of them focused not only on keeping our practical skills up to speed but also on giving our people the confidence to excel in a fast-changing industry.

Future Leaders

Our Future Leaders programme is a blended learning initiative that gives people from across the UK the chance to network and share ideas with others they might not usually meet. It centres on the core presentation and commercial skills you need to be a business leader. But rather than relying on traditional classroom-based learning, it approaches them in a more progressive way that’s all about building communities, working together and ensuring our collective skills keep evolving.

Applied Innovation Exchange

We see every client project as a chance to extend our knowledge, share expertise and apply our skills in new and exciting ways. To encourage this, we’ve created what we call our Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) – a discovery platform that gives everyone the opportunity to get involved with live projects they may not otherwise be exposed to. As well as being inspiring on a professional level for our employees, the AIE gives every client access to our full capabilities.

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