Growing the business is one thing. Delivering great customer satisfaction is another. Our job is to ensure we achieve both of those objectives, and make a healthy profit in the process

Simon Phillips, Business Development

What we do

We work closely with both existing and prospective clients to understand their business challenges, then establish whether or not there’s a technology answer to meet them. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we partner with all kinds of other organisations – large and small, technical and non-technical – to create the most compelling proposition every time.

How we make an impact

Because we’re more collaborative in the way that we develop our solutions, we’re generally able to build a stronger business case and ultimately deliver a better outcome for the client. And because the people who work with us adopt a more technologically agnostic approach, they themselves become more rounded business professionals.

Who we look for

Of course, the specific skills and experience you need will depend on the role you apply for. But there are certain personal qualities we look for in everyone who works with us. We want:

  • People who can win clients’ trust and respect
    Confident communication skills and personal credibility are key. As is a natural way with people.
  • People with plenty of commercial nous
    Coming up with a groundbreaking technical solution is pointless if it doesn’t make financial sense.
  • People who work best as part of a team
    We’re tremendously collaborative in the way we work – with our clients and each other. So it’s essential that you are too.

Where you fit in

It’s your talent, experience and passion we’re interested in rather than where you’ve worked before. Colleagues join us from all kinds of backgrounds, ranging from large consulting firms to start ups, SMEs and multinational organisations. Here are a few examples:

  • Utilities Lead from a Global IT Organisation
  • Sales Executive from a Global Air Transport Technology Provider
  • Aerospace & Defence Leader from a Leading Information Technology Business
  • Business Development Director from an Indian multi-national conglomerate

Why others made the move

We asked some of our experienced hires why they made the move to Capgemini and what makes being part of the team in Business Development different to where they’ve worked before.

Please see the videos of Our People.

Where it could lead

You should see your first role with Capgemini as a platform from which you can build real momentum in your career.

What to do next

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