As well as our extensive range of tailored benefits, we also pride ourselves on the policies which support our employees at Capgemini. We feel it’s crucial that all our employment policies are designed with our people in mind, so we work in collaboration with our employees whenever we are designing or revising our people policies. Our work life harmony policy reflects the conversations we have with our employees about striking a vital balance between work and home priorities.

Work/ Life Harmony

Capgemini recognises the pressures placed on personal and family life created by the increasing demands of the modern working environment.  These demands centre on time spent both commuting and at work, so fostering a sustainable, flexible and healthy way in which employees are expected to work is  very important to us as a company.  We also appreciates that the UK workforce is becoming increasingly socially diverse and includes a high percentage of parents and individuals with other caring responsibilities, as well as those whose personal interests and aspirations impact on their available time.

The purpose of our Work Life Harmony policy is to ensure that you can have an amazing and fulfilling career with us throughout your time here. There are a lot of options to choose from and we want to ensure that you can find the right solution for you, either through formal or informal arrangements with your team and manager.

In this video, Mary Trevena, one of our Sales Directors, talks about the way she balances her work and home life.