Capgemini Schools Programme

We’re focused on our responsibility to inspire the next generation with the opportunities & technology available.

Gaining the skills needed to get ahead.

As a key player in the IT and professional services industry, we want to inspire more young people to choose a career in IT, or to leave education with the best IT skills they can. After all, even if you don’t expect to join a company like Capgemini, there are few careers where great IT skills aren’t needed.

Supporting young people

We work with schools because we know that they play a key role in fostering talent and giving young people the skills they need to become valued members of society.  As a large corporate business we can support young people as they make their way into the working world.

Our work supports:

  • IT skills and careers
  • Business awareness  – basic commercial awareness, project management, and the breadth and variety of roles in large corporate organisations
  • Employability skills – to include Work Experience

Employability skills

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Our 2019/20 achievements