Trade compliance and Brexit: how to get ready

With globalisation having a significant impact on international trade, and with the increasing complexity of governments’ regulations and requirements, moving goods across different geographies has become reliant on trade policies and regulatory frameworks, that are under intense scrutiny.
Future of workWorkforce Planning

Why are we talking about change again?

There are many popular quotes on how important change is. JFK stated that “change is the law of life”. Heraclitus believed that “the only constant in our world is change”. So, change is not a new concept and is one which most of us are familiar with, therefore we should all be prepared for it and embrace it when it comes…… right?
Financial Services

Fintech Forum: a deep-dive into the World Fintech Report 2018

Leaders from top banks and fintechs recently gathered in Capgemini’s London Accelerated Solutions Environment to hear what the World Fintech Report 2018 findings meant for the financial services industry in the UK, and more importantly through engaging conversation throughout, what it meant for them and their own organisation.
AutomotiveCustomer Experience

How to step up a gear on customer service

Customer service is at the heart of a customer’s journey, and a pleasant customer journey can strongly influence customer loyalty. The automotive industry is continuously evolving and needs to keep doing so even more rapidly to meet the changing expectations of its customers.
Accelerated Solutions Environment

The problem with GDPR

As someone who has been working on GDPR compliance for a over a year, I was eagerly awaiting ‘due date’; 25th May 2018.

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