Carbon Accounting

Good data is fundamental for making good decisions, and that is why we have underpinned our sustainability program with our comprehensive data set comprising 10 million data points collected and analysed each year. We work hard to ensure our data is relevant, comprehensive, consistent and complete, with one central team collating, processing and reporting our data.

The infographic above shows the key data points captured by our global carbon accounting system

On the micro level, we are able to generate both project-specific carbon reports for clients and individual carbon statements for our people, enabling individuals and teams to track their own emissions and identify opportunities for carbon reductions where possible.

On the macro level, across the Capgemini Group, our carbon accounting tool enables us to forecast global emissions, track progress against our ambitious environmental targets and react to risks and opportunities as they emerge.

We also compare the environmental performance of Capgemini UK’s individual business units to ensure that each business area contributing to our reduction campaign. This data is reported monthly to the UK Architects of Positive Futures Board (chaired by Paul Margetts – Capgemini UK Business Unit Head and comprising senior representatives from across Capgemini UK).

Carbon data is also of growing interest to investors and clients with voluntary disclosure schemes such as CDP, Ecovadis, Vigeo-Eiris developing in response to this demand. Our world class carbon management approach has helped us score A- in our CDP Climate Change disclosure in 2016, placing us in the top 23% of companies in our sector.

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Unlocking our data through a Global Carbon Hackathon:

In 2017, we ran a unique Global Carbon Hackathon. Aiming to disrupt and innovate, the Global Carbon Hackathon unleashed the power of collective creativity to provide fresh insight into our carbon data.

For a two-week period, 52 teams representing 11 countries from across the Capgemini Group were given access to an extract of our carbon data with the goal of developing innovative new ways of visualising and extracting insight from the data. The competition captured the imagination of over 200 data scientists, developers and analysts who developed new ways to visualise the data and created innovative ideas for applications that could drive reduction of carbon.

The best ideas were shortlisted by technology and sustainability experts from across the Capgemini Group, with the eight shortlisted teams asked to pitch their ideas to a panel in a final Dragon’s Den style event.

The final winners were a UK-based team named Greenovation. Their entry combined interactive data visualisations designed to inform strategic decision-making, with an idea for employee app to allow teams to track and compete to reduce their travel impacts. The quality of the ideas from all teams was so high that 2018 will see us take forward several of the best ideas for further exploration.

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