Beth Probert named in Computer Weekly’s 2021 Longlist for the Most Influential Women in UK Tech

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We are delighted that Capgemini UK’s Beth Probert has been recognised in the longlist for the top 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech. 

For the past 10 years, Computer Weekly has been showcasing women in IT, and has published the longlist for the Most Influential Women in Tech since 2017. Beth’s reaction to the news: “Completely honoured and in total shock to have been named in Computer Weekly’s 2021 Longlist for the Most Influential Women in UK Tech! Thank you to whoever nominated me, this was a fantastic surprise!”

Beth Probert - holding award for finalist for IET Young Woman Engineer of the YearInspired by space and science at a young age, Beth followed her passion with a Physics with Astrophysics degree, continually inspired by watching women like Christina Koch launch to the International Space Station. Her focus then shifted from wanting to go to space to helping others get there. In her day-to-day role, Beth works in the High Integrity Software Expertise Centre, having joined Altran UK (now Capgemini Engineering UK) as an apprentice in software engineering in 2019.

Recently promoted to Consultant Engineer, Beth earnt a distinction in her BCS apprenticeship, was recognised earlier this year as a finalist in the IET’s Young Woman Engineer of the Year, and continues to lead local Scout groups and sit on the Scout National Council. Beth co-chairs Capgemini Engineering UK’s women’s network, and was also appointed to the WISE Young Professionals Board in 2020 where she advocates for, engages with and inspires current and future women in STEM.

“I stand on the shoulders of all the women who came before me, from Ada Lovelace, recognised as the world’s first computer programmer, right the way through to my female colleagues at work. I think we all have a responsibility to give back to the communities that have supported us so that they continue to support the next generation.”

Read more about Beth’s story in Womanthology and as a member of the WISE Young Professionals Board.

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