Working with the Volunteer Police Cadets

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Volunteering to support policing and develop strong relationships built on trust and transparency

Since joining Capgemini back in 2017 as a consultant, I have had the privilege to work on a number of interesting projects. One of them is the work we do with the Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) National team, an organisation that believes that every young person deserves the opportunity to thrive regardless of his or her background. Capgemini Invent has been working with the VPC for many years now, as part of Capgemini’s pro bono consultancy.

Capgemini’s relationship with the VPC, which spans over 8 years, began with giving new consultants an opportunity to work with the organisation on a variety of fascinating initiatives.  One such example was a weekend spent in Preston where Capgemini consultants helped to run and facilitate a joint conference between volunteers from the Volunteer Police Cadets and the Fire Service Cadets.

Not only does the VPC build character, confidence and contribution through youth-led social action for its members, it also gives us the opportunity to develop client facing skills earlier than traditional client engagements.  We have had new consultants independently leading workshops alongside the head of the VPC and senior stakeholders; helped out at policing events alongside the cadets; supported the VPC with its merchandising strategy and helped to plan and deliver the annual conference.

Thinking about his work with the VPC back in 2019, my colleague, Fred Fooks, commented: “I worked with the VPC for a few months and it will always be a project that will remain the close to my heart, as I did not just learn to deliver work in a real client scenario but was also able to help the VPC in various situations.’’  From my interactions with the team, this echoes the sentiments of many new consultants.

Our relationship with the VPC has been evolving and growing stronger over the years and the work we have been delivering will prove as an example. We have been involved in developing key materials, technology and tooling necessary for the VPC’s daily operations. These tools are needed to support the creation and implementation of training curriculum, project charter and plan, designing working sessions and even their force evaluation tool- a key part of the VPC’s daily work.

One of the most exciting projects that I led on, was to ensure the VPC’s alignment with the UK Youth Safe Spaces Framework that aims to set a minimum level of practice consistent with operating a safe organisation. The team worked to ensure all tools are aligned to the new framework and also engaged in updating the force evaluation tool. This project gave the team the chance to work even more closely with the VPC team and cemented a strong relationship built on trust and transparency.

Looking back my short, yet fulfilling journey so far, I am proud to say that I am now managing Capgemini’s prestigious relationship with the VPC and I know the team looks forward to every new challenge and opportunity to grow the relationship further.

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Caroline Smith

Senior Consultant

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