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Working from home is by no means a new concept, but the need for large-scale remote connectivity and collaboration has never been greater. Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) is enabling groups unable to physically co-locate, to collaborate, ideate and achieve common objectives through Remote Collaboration.

I am writing this from my home office… Thanks to the technology at our fingertips, I can easily stay connected to my colleagues and clients from right here.

Working from home is not a new phenomenon. However, remote working as the norm, is new to most. In a situation where large physical groups cannot come together, one cannot diminish the need to collaborate. This may be daunting for many individuals, teams and organisations, especially knowing their continued connectivity is vital to success. Collaboration remains as important as ever for Capgemini and our clients to continue driving value.

Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) has actively been exploring Remote Collaboration for a while now, to enable groups to work together effectively from different locations, to collaborate, explore, ideate and achieve common objectives. You may have previously read about us bringing together 150 employees from four time zones and five locations.

The ASE team are experts in facilitating structured Remote Collaboration sessions, offering many (though not all!) benefits of traditional ASE events. Unforeseen constraints have led to ongoing innovation in Remote Collaboration for us. Over the last few  weeks, we have turned approximately 35 events scheduled over the coming month into remote engagements. These include:

  • Enabling a programme team from across 3 organisations to align on their principles for future working by understanding context and needs through different lenses
  • Helping a large service organisation to rapidly reposition its launch of a transformation programme. We have created a series of impactful assets to support virtual stakeholder engagement
  • Delivering a series of presentations to a number of stakeholders, remotely, for a key Sales engagement
  • Supporting key IT stakeholders in their journey to become better strategic business partners through developing and aligning on their purpose

We will continue to unlock the power of Remote Collaboration to support our clients. And, although I believe face-to-face collaboration will always prevail, ongoing learnings about the way we work remotely may benefit businesses in the long term.

Please explore our ASE Services further and get in touch with the ASE team to understand how we can help.



Connie Parkin

Co-Designer and Process Facilitator in the Accelerated Solutions Environment

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