How can retailers simplify their campaign management using Salesforce?

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There are numerous resources available for retailers to digitalise their campaign management. Read how Capgemini transformed JLR’s campaign management using Salesforce and made it a success for their wider organisation

For any retailer, campaigns and promotion are critical tools for sales. And in order to make their campaigns and promotions success, they need to focus on their key objectives, which could be:

  • Improve finance or business analysis & control
  • Drive productivity and simplification
  • Improve Internal Control Compliance
  • Standardisation of processes

With this in mind, we at Capgemini worked with one of our prestigious customers Jaguar Land Rover to help them better track and manage their spend on retail sales promotions, while also standardising their approach to campaign creation and reporting and simplify the administrative handling of retailer claims.

After the project kicked-off, Capgemini carried out several workshops to define JLR requirements. Capgemini’s automotive experts supported the JLR product owner to come up with effective user stories. We organised face-to-face workshops at JLR offices in Belgium, where Capgemini and JLR teams had brainstorming sessions. These sessions not only helped teams to get a clear understanding of the business requirements and delivery intricacies but, most importantly, these workshops formed a bond within the team. The team for this project was based across the globe and worked together for 18 months to deliver the JLR platform named EVEREST with ‘One Team’ approach.

As the project progressed, Capgemini awarded early system access after every sprint to the JLR Product Owner so that they could provide feedback about the functionality. Additionally, Capgemini organised ‘show and tell’ sessions for the JLR sales team and a small group of JLR retailers to get their feedback. This allowed us to get the feedback from all stakeholders and incorporate it early in the process, instead of waiting until the end of the project. As this was a huge business change, the Capgemini team was visiting all the markets to deliver extensive training to the JLR users and prepare them to use EVEREST efficiently.

With complex requirements and high expectations to meet, I am proud to share the that after 18 months, EVEREST is now live in 8 markets and 9 languages in Europe: Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic.

We managed to deliver the comprehensive and Europe-wide EVEREST solution both on time and within budget. Our automotive and Salesforce expertise did not only support the technical delivery of Salesforce solutions – but we were also able to effectively translate those solutions into business operations and highlight the changes necessary to realise the maximum benefits of the new capabilities. This helped to deliver a truly good and innovative business solution, resulting in several benefits for JLR:

  • Simplified and more in-depth tracking of campaign spending
  • Access to more and higher quality business insights
  • Single tool for all retailers and markets, thereby standardising the approach to campaigns
  • Simplified reporting process for retailers
  • Standardised approach that is easy to roll out to further markets

Today, EVEREST platform has over 900 active users and more than 45,000 claims, enabling JLR to track sales and related campaigns with ease.

Find out more about the Jaguar Land Rover variable marketing expense project here.


Shriya Chavan

Shriya is leading Salesforce programmes in Capgemini. Shriya has extensive experience in managing large technology agnostic programmes. Her passion lies in helping customers achieve their business goals with technology.

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