Predictions 2020: Applications development and maintenance

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Trends, technologies, key topics, and issues around application development and maintenance that will shape up 2020

Gary James
            Gary James

In a conversation on how the tech landscape evolved in 2019 and what trends will rule in 2020, Gary James responsible for development and market engagement for Capgemini’s ADMnext Services in the UK & Europe shared his view of the market. Gary James strongly feels that digital transformation – an intersection of technology, businesses process and people – has been top of mind for every organisation and 2020 will be no different in that respect.

With this in mind, here are some trends that Gary expects to take prominence this year…

The dichotomy of expectations

In 2020, Gary feels the industry will witness a dichotomy in terms of spending on IT vis-à-vis expectations from IT. Confused and wondering what that means? Well, that maybe the sentiment in the market too.

The digital age of today is exerting an ever-increasing pressure on IT to deliver change and value, both at the same time. This pressure can be attributed to the challenging political and market situations globally that are leading to a lot of uncertainty in business outlook and reduced spending on IT. However, businesses will continue to recognise that they will need support from IT to adapt to any change in the marketplace if they’re to remain relevant to customers. This uncertainty could lead to confusion, making 2020 a conservative year in terms of spending on IT and delivering new technologies by vendors.

Long way ahead for innovative technologies

While there will be continued investment into the latest technologies like IoT, blockchain, AI, etc, the considerable focus must be on picking where the most return can be achieved and making sure that new initiatives are included into the wider IT landscape as soon as possible. Owing to this, Gary believes that those technologies will become truly mainstream around 2023 and that is when businesses will be able to realise their full potential.

Sales conversations are set to change in 2020

To encourage businesses to invest in new IT infrastructure, new service brokers and orchestrators will appear in 2020 who make more flexible and agile offerings to match the specific needs of businesses. This means, in 2020 how businesses make buying decisions is set to change keeping sales conversations centred around specific needs and outcomes.

In 2020, sales conversations will no longer be about the internal IT setup or about taking digital transformation to the next level. Instead, these conversations will be about the end goal or outcome desired by deploying new IT systems. This change is expected as organisations today need to be assured that the services they are purchasing are going to deliver the outcomes they are looking for. Hence making sure every penny spent is set to drive change or value, whatever the priority of the business may be.

Capgemini’s ADMnext is a business-centric, applications development and maintenance (ADM) services portfolio that is dynamic and flexible to suit your IT requirements – an approach that can help you seamlessly make the move to the cloud and adopt Agile and DevOps methodologies across your business.

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