The future is greener energy handled by intelligent grids

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Climate change, energy transition, storage, and transformation are driving global utilities to change their operations.

Capgemini’s World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO) annual report provides insights and identifies emerging trends that will have significant impacts. Now in its twentieth year, the report covers a broad range of issues, including climate change, energy transition, infrastructure, and security of supply.

Solar and wind are now viable options as the cost to produce this energy continues to drop. At the same time, battery-storage capabilities are expanding, and we are seeing more and more real-world implementations. It is a time of big change in the industry.

Capgemini’s Energy & Utilities senior advisor, Perry Stoneman, discusses the WEMO report, including regional observations for Europe, North America, and China, and looks at how utilities will use intelligent grids to handle future demands.

Listen to how utilities can build a strategy to coordinate and manage assets through digital technologies to prepare for the coming changes.

For more energy and utilities insights and analysis, tune into our World Energy Markets Observatory podcast and read our blog on five trends that will transform energy and utilities in 2019.

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