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What would your business do with £1million?

Next week Wednesday 3rd July sees the latest episode of the Department for International Trade’s hugely successful Great Entrepreneur Games taking place in London. We’re delighted to host this celebration of global talent at our Accelerated Solutions Environment in our London office. Originally launched in 2012 at the London Olympics, to provide tech start-ups with skills to successfully pitch their ideas to potential partners and investors, the fledgling Start-up Games, as they were called, took flight with versions held in Singapore, Sydney, Santiago and Buenos Aires.

The Great Entrepreneur Games are just part of the DIT’s overall Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP), which helps overseas early stage technology firms or start-ups wishing to relocate to the UK, still one of the most business-friendly environments in the world.

Virtual millionaires

The Games are a unique speed pitching, networking and learning event and one of the most eagerly anticipated opportunities in the calendar for talent seeking support for their ideas. It’s a virtual investment game using a bespoke mobile app, with each investor having £1million of virtual share capital.   Capgemini clients will act as investors for the day immersing themselves in technology ideas of tomorrow that could transform their businesses in the future.

Founders of tech start-ups and scale-ups pitch to them, with the winners being the entrepreneur raising the most virtual capital, and the investor with the most valuable virtual portfolio. Participants talk in dynamic one-to-ones, there’s no set piece, onstage pitching, just the opportunity to forge links, connect to potential customers and share great ideas in an informal, fun environment.

Then we’re also hosting three panel discussions on what makes a great pitch, what investors are looking for and how to successfully scale-up globally, with leading, established entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and angel investors sharing their experience and insights of building successful businesses from scratch.

The UK means business

The GEP is a reminder of how the UK retains a warm welcome and conducive environment for entrepreneurs and start-ups – especially in technology for financial services – whether they are home grown or from the four corners of the globe – and why, as a result, we still attract huge volumes of inward investment.

We’re one of the most globalised economies in the world, with some of the best talent in the world, offering attractive financial incentives, ready access to practical support, advice, capital and markets, R&D, collaborators and networks. The most compelling new product, process or service can secure funding of up to £10 million from Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation.

As a global business, the future prosperity of Capgemini, and our ability to do great work for our clients is inextricably linked with programmes like this, and that’s why we’re pleased to be able to support the DIT and UK plc more broadly by hosting and participating next week.  We will be looking for opportunities to collaborate with start-ups who could help our clients transform.

Turning ideas into solutions

We’re constantly seeking out the fantastic wealth of innovation, agility and specialist knowledge of emerging technologies within the start-up and SME community. More than 25% of our supply chain are SMEs – and breakthrough solutions developed by SMEs, including sole traders, are fundamental to our business, and many of our clients’ businesses too.

And to help turn innovative ideas into practical solutions we established the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE), a global platform and high-performance engagement experience featuring a broad community of designers, technologists, sector experts, business and technology partners, academics, research organisations and start-ups.

 The AIE enables innovators to contextualise and experiment within their specific industry, in an immersive and transformative environment that encourages the exploration, discovery, testing and application of innovation.  Where co-created ideas are quickly turned into working prototypes to test, evolve and scale up.

Next Wednesday’s event is opened by George Hollingbery, Minister of State for Trade Policy and a former PPS to the Prime Minister.

May the Games begin and may the best ideas win!



Adele Every

Expert in Blockchain, Innovation, Robotics, SMEs

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