Empowering mums to work: the new volunteering partnership with Salesforce Supermums

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Encouraging women and men to come back to work after family leave remains one of the priorities of our Active Inclusion strategy: I spoke to Vicki Moritz-Henry to hear more about the Salesforce Supermums programme.

Encouraging women and men to come back to work after family leave remains one of the priorities of our Active Inclusion strategy. The Return@Capgemini programme has supported some wonderful women to start new careers and we’re excited to continue this journey by partnering with Salesforce Supermums programme.

I recently caught up with Vicki Moritz-Henry, Head of Training for the Salesforce Supermums programme, to find out more about the programme engaging and equipping parents to return to the workplace, and how Capgemini team members working in our Salesforce practice are getting involved.

What is the aim of the Salesforce Supermums programme?

“Our mission is to empower mums across the globe to achieve well-paid careers working in Salesforce. Our vision is to support 200 mums into work by the end of 2020.”

One moment – what exactly is Salesforce?

“Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Beginning in 1999, Salesforce’s pioneering use of cloud computing revolutionised the way business (enterprise) software is delivered and used.

“Economic Change, the non-profit consultancy that incubated the Salesforce Supermums programme during its pilot, is also a leading Salesforce Approved Consulting Partner. Capgemini is a Salesforce Global Strategic Consulting Partner and a volunteering partner with the Supermums programme.”  

Tell us more about the Supermums programme

“Currently, 2.6 million mums in the UK are not working: the lack of flexible roles and cultures are barriers to returning to work. There is a huge untapped talented pool of workers globally. Alongside that, there is a huge shortage of Salesforce skills – for every Salesforce position filled in Europe, there is another 1.6 open positions.

“We equip the Supermums with the skills, real-life practice and mentor support for them to be brilliant Salesforce administrators – business leaders, deeply knowledgeable about how your company operates, underpinning the success of all departments through automations, intelligent workflows and dashboards in the Salesforce CRM system.

“The Supermums programme is a 6-month course, including weekly live webinars delivered by both volunteers and staff. Peer study groups and one-to-one mentors also provide support for the coursework, opportunities for questions on anything and to build motivation and confidence. In the last two months of the programme, Supermums are matched with a work experience project, providing pro bono work and user training, supported by their mentor and a project manager, providing 6 days of project work over the two months. Supermums leave the programme with brilliant skills, new confidence, and real-world experience, and the charities involved also benefit from the pro bono work and the power of the Salesforce platform.

“Currently, 48 Supermums (and dads) have completed the programme, 49 are still learning, and we’ve supported 33 mums to secure careers within Salesforce consultancies, software vendors, corporate and non-profit organisations.”

How are Capgemini team members getting involved?Salesforce Supermums Logo

I was invited to speak on the Salesforce team’s call earlier this year, and we now have 10+ Capgemini volunteers who have joined us and four who are mentoring the May cohort. Volunteers are super important to sustain the programme, and it’s been brilliant to see how excited the team members are to be involved with Supermums.”

Thanks Vicki – we’ll check back in a couple of months to hear from our volunteers on the Supermums programme.

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