How we’re increasing eminence of our #AppsMgt practice

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Nicola Hodkinson and Tom Hawkins from our #AppsMgt practice discuss how social media can help you build your personal brand.

Social media has been of increasing importance for any business for quite some time now. Whether it’s for general B2B or B2C relations, targeted advertising, raising awareness of a cause or strategy, or even as a primary means of communication (see the number of chatbots available on Messenger!). The benefits of social media for businesses small and large are tough to dispute.

So, why have we embraced social media within Capgemini’s #AppsMgt practice? 

Our vision was to promote Capgemini’s Application Management expertise and brand using the hashtag #AppsMgt, in order to create a buzz around what we do, thereby increasing our visibility and eminence in the market place.

The aim was to establish a network of ‘Thought Leaders’ on key topic areas who could be social media experts and digital ambassadors for Capgemini. With the help of our social media partners provided through our Expert Connect programme (see all our Experts and what areas they specialise in), our experts would then engage with their professional networks to share pieces of content that demonstrate our innovative thinking.

The aim therefore was to inspire our internal talent pool to become digital ambassadors, targeting their expertise in key business areas and therefore adding to the profile and credibility of Capgemini in these areas. These experts would primarily share pieces of content that demonstrated the capabilities of our people, as well as building up and engaging with our network of online stakeholders.

In addition to the above, we also wanted to create a larger community of active social media users to disseminate thought leadership pieces and to engage in wider conversations on these, and other market relevant topics. In this digital era, people are curious, and companies are searchable, so we wanted to embrace this opportunity to put a human face to the areas that matter to us and shout about our experience and vision for the future.

With this in mind, we started to consider what the benefits of getting involved were for the individuals who signed up to be involved, as they would essentially be acting as brand ambassadors for Capgemini, as well as promoting their own personal brand. Increased on-line engagement for Capgemini could see the business benefit from improved customer relations, increased visibility and potentially an increased pipeline.

But what exactly is the benefit to the individual?

The benefits of personal branding to individuals can be far reaching and it can be surprising what can happen and where it can lead when you consistently produce/ comment on content relevant to your experience and beliefs.  Interesting and thought-provoking posts will attract a likeminded audience and networks will start to expand giving rise to all sorts of opportunities. Having a strong personal brand allows individuals to stand out in their professional circles, amongst your colleagues, and online. All individuals who take part in the initiative have been given ‘Personal Branding’ training to help them make the most of the support and content they will be sharing.

To kick start the initiative, we set about constructing our vision and our plan for achieving it with the most important part being communicating this out to both stakeholders and our Apps Management population.  Our core activities consisted of writing and sharing content from within the community and from the wider Capgemini Group and we actively encouraged discussion and engagement between each other and the wider industry on Twitter and LinkedIn. Our basic content strategy was to feature and promote two key articles each month in an email update to the group, including some prompts to help generate discussion. These communications were tied in with regular checkpoint calls with the core team to share and review ideas for the content pipeline.

To monitor progress against our objectives, as well as the performance of the community, we monitored the use of the unique hashtag #AppsMgt and shortened links (e.g. – and recorded various statistics such as impressions, reach, volume of tweets, number of clicks for shared content, as well as sentiment analysis. Monitoring and analysing results in this way enabled us to not only track progress against our objectives, but also to prove the function as a worthwhile endeavour and identify areas in which efforts could be improved or changed which would ultimately benefit the initiative.

So far, we have seen an excellent return on our efforts, with a steady increase in impressions, reach, volume of tweets, total amount of followers, and of course the personal brand and presence of those participants involved! Continuous improvement monitoring has allowed us to identify, analyse, and develop changes to the process in pursuit of the key objectives including an element of gamification to incentivise and reward strong engagement as well as changing the nature of communications to be more frequent and flexible.

We’ve come into 2019 with a huge amount of experience and lessons learned and we have great plans for the year – to continue to drive our #AppsMgt eminence and digital thought leadership to new levels.

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