The Global Capgemini Community: A UK formed initiative, with a global trajectory

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Stefan French and Anamika Patel, Associate Consultants, give an overview of a new CDC initiative

Networking is a key part of ensuring a successful professional career.

Having a good professional network can help you to:

  • Find a mentor/coach
  • Learn more about an industry you’re interested in
  • Learn about new ways of working and consulting tools
  • Find out about new opportunities
  • Create a spider web of networks

In a company like Capgemini, operating across over 40 countries, the best kind of network is a global one, as it allows you to learn from the experiences of a wide variety of people from all kinds of backgrounds. The more varied your network is, the faster you’ll be able to grow and develop professionally. Working in a global consulting firm should facilitate such opportunities. For example, the diversity of projects and clients, some of which could be international, increases the likelihood of working with people from all over the world and growing your spider web of connections. Members of the Consulting Development Community at Capgemini UK realised there was a gap in facilitating conversations necessary for consultants to grow such networks and take advantage of the opportunities that are associated with being part of a global consulting firm.

That’s why we recently launched the ‘Global Capgemini Community’ (GCC), a scheme that aims to connect Capgemini employees from all over the world and create a global community. Employees who sign up to the GCC are paired up with someone working in a different country, based on their country preference and industry interest. They then conduct two calls with their pairing, to discuss past experiences, ways of working, and aspirations. Participants are re-paired every 6 weeks. Two consultants share their experiences of the GCC below:

Sweden-based consultant Alexander Badju joined the GCC in July and is currently working on a project in the automotive sector:

  • Why did you join the Global Capgemini Community and how has your experience been so far?
    • I joined the GCC because I had a fantastic experience on a training course where I met a bunch of great colleagues from other countries, and I felt that the GCC would be a great enabler to continue to keep in touch and build my international Capgemini network.
    • So far, it’s been a great way to learn about different ways of working between Sweden and other countries such as those in the UK, Germany and many more.
    • As someone with dual citizenship (both American and Swedish), I would like to work internationally. The GCC is an enabler for this within Capgemini as it encourages me to build my own personal international network and find out about exciting new opportunities

Ellen Veenema from the Netherlands works in the Financial Services sector and joined the GCC in September:

  • Why should you join the GCC?
  • Joining the GCC is a great experience and allows you to get to know colleagues from all over the world. It is an opportunity to share your experiences, best practices and contacts with them to broaden your network, but is also a chance to create friendships and learn more about your pairing and their hobbies and life outside of Capgemini.
  • What are your hopes from being in the GCC?
  • My hopes for being in the GCC are that more doors will open in terms of project opportunities due to my extended international network.

As you can gauge from the interviews above, the GCC is a great opportunity to get involved in to learn, grow and line up international engagements. In addition to this, we are all able to contribute in growing the initiative based on feedback that we gather from all participants so that we can make the GCC suitable for all.


Anamika Patel 

Anamika joined Capgemini’s Financial Services Capability in September 2017 having studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics prior to joining the working world. She is currently working on a public sector project having previously worked within the FS industry.


Stefan French

Stefan is an Associate Consultant at Capgemini Invent. Part of Insight-Driven Enterprise, Stefan is passionate about harnessing data to drive value for businesses.

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