2019 predictions: telecoms

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I spoke with Deep Dawar, Telco Director, Capgemini UK, to find out more about GDPR and other factors that have changed the telecoms industry in 2018.

According to Deep, the most significant factors influencing the telecoms industry in 2018 included the GDPR enforcement, security, monetising connected services and initiatives aimed at improving the B2B customer experience.

2018 saw continued investments into making networks more reliable, increasing access of 4G and superfast data access. There was also an increase in innovative network sharing agreements and product bundling, providing more over the top (OTT) services.

So, what can we expect from telecoms during 2019?

Apart from Brexit negotiations having an impact on the industry, Deep predicts there will be a focus on 5G, however, operators and network providers in Europe will favour a service-based roll out rather than the big bang 4G saw; this is partly because the 4G return on investment (ROI) still needs to be realised. Furthermore, the market is increasingly price sensitive and people are usually paying less for their monthly contracts, which is also reflected in the drop of major handset providers’ revenue growth.

Deep also expects continued growth of data consumption as more and more OTT service consumption starts to become a norm with more and more devices connecting than ever before. The focus will be on making service consumption easier and pay as you go models, which will in turn need more AI-based service operations as transactions continue to grow and adopt innovation at all levels, rather than focusing only on product bundling and pricing.

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