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I caught up with Nathan Pearce, SAP Centre of Excellence lead, and members of our SAP junior talent team at Capgemini, to hear their thoughts on the top trends for 2019 – here’s a short summary of what they told me.

Looking back at 2018, we had a great year working with fantastic global brands, both new and existing, and we were continuously challenging ourselves to embrace new SAP technologies to benefit our clients.

2019 is going to be another exciting year for technology. We’re likely to see our clients progressing with big data, AI, machine learning and experience-driven initiatives. The innovation is moving at pace and as such, the way we deliver is also changing. These days it’s all about MVPs, agile and design thinking. The business cases to move to enabling technologies such as S/4 are also reaching maturity and we have developed a range of services to help our clients to clarify what they should do, why they should do it, when and how.

Ross Butcher, Applications Consultant Apprentice, predicts that “many businesses will be migrating their on-premise architectures to the cloud and a lot of SAP ERP customers will be making the jump to S/4 HANA this year in an attempt to reduce costs, increase performance and modernise their business.”

Leon Hassan, Applications Consultant Graduate, added “this is the year enterprise UI development will start to branch out into ‘modern’ frameworks such as react and vue.js, with no more software looking as if it has stepped out of the 1980s. With so many S4HANA migrations, it gives businesses the opportunity to invest in Fiori applications and that’s where we can step in and modernise not just their processes, but the applications they’re using to complete them.”

Driving innovation is at the forefront of many organisations, to remain relevant and competitive in the market. Jessica Dowdall, SAP Centre of Excellence Innovation Lead UK, forecasts that “2019 will be fuelled by optimising the customer experience and operational efficiency through the Intelligent Enterprise. These days, our clients want to do more with less, automate processes, lower operating costs and empower their employees through data. Doing the right thing with the data is what the intelligent enterprise is all about. There is a distinct need in more design-led insights and analytics for every day operations, which can drive strategic outcomes and enhanced customer experience across a business. SAP Leonardo and technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, IoT, blockchain are here now and we need to embed them into our clients’ future.”

You can find out more about our SAP capabilities here.

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