From an idea to real life: our CBAME Network

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On Thursday, November 8, we proudly launched the CBAME Network with a panel discussion event on race and inclusion in Capgemini UK; opening a conversation with colleagues of all ethnicities and backgrounds about race in the workplace.

Sponsored and opened by Nivedita Krishnamurthy, President of Cloud Infrastructure Services UK and Northern Europe, the CBAME  (Capgemini Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) Network launch saw over 100 team members come together on the eighth floor of our Holborn office. Supported by UK HR Director and founder of our Active Inclusion strategy, Frances Duffy, the CBAME Network provides support, and acts as a platform to continue to develop the conversation on race and ethnicity within Capgemini UK.

CBAME’s founder, Jerome Grant, Consultant in Capgemini Invent, welcomed everyone and reflected some of the personal challenges he has faced over his career journey:

  • Networking – building a genuine rapport that breaks past surface level when you feel so different to the rest of your colleagues
  • A lack of role models – as he does a very different job to many of his family (“the trailblazer”), leaning on family members for practical advice was challenging

I had to get better at networking fast to learn how to succeed in the work environment,” he explained. “Nearly all of my projects opportunities have arisen from my networks, and the CBAME Network provides us all with another opportunity to connect with others meaningfully.”

Take a look at Jerome’s post-event LinkedIn update which conveys the excitement, buzz and huge success of the evening.

The main event on the night was a lively panel discussion on race in the workplace, with team members from different backgrounds, ethnicities and roles (from consultant to PMO manager to vice president)  sharing their stories, common challenges, real-life role models and leadership ambitions.

With each panel member sharing their personal experiences, the panel highlighted the importance of keeping the conversation going: “We need more events like this, where we hear the stories of people at Capgemini. I’d love to hear every one of your stories.”

The discussion left plenty of food for thought for the audience, many of whom stayed to network afterwards. Now it’s up to this group to take this forward – to use the network to drive our business forward and grow.

We’re excited to see what’s next; in the meantime, take a look at the tweets and buzz from the evening: #CBAME, #LifeAtCapgemini

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