Making a theory test that is fit for the future

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Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, DVSA, is the government agency responsible for road safety and for carrying out theory and driving tests in the UK.

Running since 1996, the theory test is taken by over a million people every year – making it the world’s largest computerised test – yet it’s taken exactly the same way it was over 15 years ago. It still requires the learner driver to physically go to one of the testing centres. This is not cost-effective, and it’s no longer suitable for today’s digitally-native customers.

DVSA turned to Capgemini and its Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) for help to investigate how they could enable people to do the test digitally in a way that is secure and valid – to create a theory test fit for the future.

Priscilla Li, Head of Applied Innovation, Capgemini (left), commented, “Over the course of six weeks – an incredibly tight timeframe – we went from rapid ideation, to development and delivery, making the most of the expertise from the AIE’s broad network of start-ups and digital disruptors to come up with a viable solution to the DVSA’s challenge.”

Combining emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), and existing solutions like voice recognition and key-stroke analysis, the team created a prototype that would improve users’ experience by allowing them to take the test wherever they choose. You can read more about this process on the AIE blog.

Mick Halliday, Chief Digital Officer, UK Public Sector, Capgemini (right), commented, “one of the AIE’s core aims is to take the fear factor out of innovation – show just how efficient it can be. This project showed exactly what the platform could do.”

This proof of concept has given the client the confidence that where they’re aiming is exactly the right place to go.


“Capgemini and the AIE have helped us plot a roadmap to a digital version of theory test that is both realistic and achievable. We see a future where the theory test is something you take, not somewhere you go,” concluded Alex Fiddes, Programme Delivery Executive at DVSA (left).



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