Impact of digital transformation on the UK energy market: industry reaction

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Capgemini has recently commissioned a study to understand how the UK energy market deals with the increasing amount of data being produced.

We found that most energy suppliers are looking to use data from smart meters to boost opportunities, innovation and diversification – read more about our research findings here and also watch a video with Capgemini’s Alain Bollack to get his perspective.

The research findings were extensively covered by media – from Utility Week to Energy Live News and Business Green. Power Technology spoke to Alain to understand if we should be worried that their personal data could be passed on without their knowledge as energy companies race to cash in on data. He commented: “It is important to highlight that utility companies are very rigorous in collecting the data with the approval of the consumers. The rules to collect smart meter data have been defined very clearly and strictly by Ofgem. The key fundamental data is the live consumption data for electricity and gas, again it requires the approval of the consumers to collect the most granular data – every 6 seconds data for electricity and every quarter for gas consumption.” Read the full interview in Power Technology.

I also spoke to Matthew Evans, executive director, techUK, to find out what he thinks about our research findings. He said: “Capgemini’s valuable research shines a light on the changing nature of the energy sector with a clear shift towards the servicisation of energy. Data is clearly at the heart of this shift and the research shows the value of the smart meter programme in helping to drive greater adoption of digital technologies.

“The Smart Meter Programme is essential to both the creation of energy data and pushing providers to find ways to utilise it. New entrants in the market are clearly driving innovation and spurring incumbents to make better use of the data that they possess but there is clearly more that can and should happen in terms of collaboration between the energy sector and adjacent markets. techUK is working to lower barriers to such collaboration and the innovation that comes from it.”

Click here to read the full findings of our research into the impact of digital transformation on the UK energy market.

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