CRM solutions: which one is right for you?

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Given the number of options on the market, choosing the right CRM (customer relationship management) solution for an organisation should be easy. Salesforce and Oracle are two of our alliance partners and are among the major players in this area. However, even deciding between one and the other is by no means straightforward.

Manson Frank International interviewed two of our CRM experts, Andrew Smith, UK Salesforce Director and David Green, UK Managing Consultant for Oracle CX. In a detailed article, they look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two software giants from their differing approaches to pricing and much more.

The article traces the origins of both companies, going back to Oracle’s roots in 1977 and Salesforce’s emergence as sales automation software in 1999. It then moves on to consider the main features of Salesforce versus Oracle, and David Green tackles lingering concerns in some quarters about the use of cloud solutions. He points out: “In the Oracle space, a great benefit for the user with Marketing/Sales cloud is the way Oracle has structured audience identification. This feature has allowed businesses to turn omni-channel marketing campaigns into very high-quality leads, which area qualified based in interactions.”

David Green and Andrew Smith also compare their pricing models, with Andrew pointing out that “some companies are still struggling to deal with the subscription model financially”.

Talking about the pros and cons of both solutions, Andrew singles out the huge number of independent solutions available on Salesforce’s AppExchange as a key differentiator.

Finally, the article considers user reviews and reports that, with ratings, recommendations and ease of use for Salesforce and Oracle CX Cloud almost identical, the best approach is to speak to the vendor.

The full article is available via the link.

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