Fintech Forum: a deep-dive into the World Fintech Report 2018

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Leaders from top banks and fintechs recently gathered in Capgemini’s London Accelerated Solutions Environment to hear what the World Fintech Report 2018 findings meant for the financial services industry in the UK, and more importantly through engaging conversation throughout, what it meant for them and their own organisation.

Presented by our very own fintech experts, Kris le Sage de Fontenay, Cliff Evans and Colin Payne, joined by guests Jamie Campbell from a fintech firm Bud Financial, and Lubomir Olach from Efma, the discussion delved deep into the collaboration between fintechs and traditional banks, concluding that the future success of the financial services industry is heavily dependent on how well both can collaborate and complement each other’s strengths to meet ever increasing customer needs.

“I really enjoyed the panel discussion at the end and the opportunities for fintechs and banks to work together. The concept of collaboration, rather than competition, and rather than acquisition was very interesting,” said Roy Hutton, AIB.

Our Q&A panel discussion was thought-provoking, full of practical insights, and a great opportunity for our guests to grill the experts. See the event in full swing by watching our short video:

Read the full World Fintech Report 2018 here, and if you’d like to join our next event on Thursday 12th July where we’ll be exploring findings from the soon to be launched World Insurance Report 2018, please register here.

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