Students visit Capgemini as part of International Women’s Day

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I recently joined our Chairman Christine Hodgson and two of our Apprentices Darren & Priyal at King Solomon Academy to talk about making career choices, working in tech and what it is that Capgemini does (tough one that!). 

During the session we had quite a lively Q&A session – which for me reflected the high-level engagement of the KSA students. 

Afterwards two of the students Hadeel and Karla unexpectedly grilled our apprentices; I hope they weren’t late for their next lesson! We were all amazed by their confidence and comfort in asking question after question.  Here are their reflections on the session. 

If you’d like us to visit your school, please get in touch.


Hadeel told us:

Representatives from the company of Capgemini came to visit our school due to the event of International Women’s Day.  They came to explain to us how their careers were structured thanks to selecting to work at the company. To be honest with you, my favourite thing was the hospitality (A.K.A the food) and allowed us to feel comfortable before starting to speak. We learnt that the main purpose of their job is to help companies’ complete projects based on technology, for example, an apprentice had joined and was given a project to complete- to help a vacuum cleaner company. It is a quite funny example but it just comes to show how many companies they help each day, regardless of how poor or unpopular it is. It has greatly inspired me to become an apprentice. I love travelling and it is an essential part of their work. I want them to visit next international women’s day and give us minor tasks to complete. I still want to know which company helps them do their tasks, for example if there is a website that they have to create, do Google help? I look forward to seeing them in the late future.

Thanks for the visit!

Karla told us:

Representatives from Capgemini came to visit our school on International Woman’s Day and showed us what their daily work is like. On the day, they explained to us how they would help other companies and how they have different workplaces around the world due to this they can work in other countries and it helps them to enjoy their work more thanks to travelling. One of the workers helped in a project about making a cloud, which is to help store important things like files and documents. Many questions were asked and so there were many answers (do you get a work phone?). They have work experience so I look forward to applying for this when I am older too.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us,

Yours sincerely Karla.

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