DTR11: A financial services perspective on AI

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The recent launch of the 11th edition of the Digital Transformation Review (DTR11) focuses on a relevant topic for all industries: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has become an increasing topic of interest in recent reports, including its feature in the latest World FinTech Report. Particularly, the financial service industry has evolved less rapidly than others due to legacy systems and regulations, although the rise of digital technologies are enabling FinTech companies to become more proactive.

Kristofer le Sage de Fontenay, UK Head of Financial Services at Capgemini Consulting, shares his perspective on AI in financial services:

“Technology is affecting financial services like never before. The emergence of AI and machine learning creates many opportunities to engage customers with an immersive and interactive experience enabling innovation and personalised solutions; virtual banking is just one of the great examples of this. As customer experience remains a top priority, AI brings a tailored approach from offering personal financial advice through intelligent chatbots to using robo-advisors to aid investor’s decision making. AI offers competitive advantages such as higher productivity at lower costs enabling companies to become more proactive, but it is vital to ensure they get the privacy and security right.”

DTR11 brings you in-depth interviews from academics to leaders and experts from leading global organisations, providing insights on how AI could benefit industries and society. This recent edition explores the various perspectives:

  • AI: Augmented Intelligence matches people and machines
  • Putting AI to Work: With customers and within the enterprise
  • AI: Adaptable Intelligence
  • AI: Survival of the Smartest
  • Make AI a daily habit
  • Democratising AI for traditional businesses
  • AI: Already delivering measurable results across sectors
  • AI – Augmenting, not replacing, human intelligence
  • The need for a long-term AI strategy
  • AI: Automating, Accelerating and Improving Decision-Making

Find out more in The Digital Transformation Review: Artificial Intelligence Decoded.

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