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To conclude a very successful National Apprenticeship, our apprentice recruitment manager Caroline McGovern shares some helpful hints for our recently launched digital interview.



During National Apprenticeship Week, I wanted to give you a further understanding of our recruitment process with a focus on our new digital interview which has recently replaced telephone interviews. Capgemini decided to introduce digital interviews because they allow you to demonstrate your capability in a much more thorough way than traditional methods and they give you a better insight into what it could be like working for Capgemini.

In my role as apprentice recruitment manager, I have listed 10 hints and tips based on common misconceptions and questions on our digital interview assessment.

A – Appearance

I often get asked about to wear, as your digital interview will be recorded and shared throughout the recruitment process we recommend that you present yourself as you would for a face to face interview. Capgemini’s dress code is smart business/casual.

P – Prepare

Preparation is key to a successful interview not just in terms of research but also your surroundings. Before you start your digital interview, make sure you are in a comfortable and quiet space. Somewhere where you can concentrate on the questions being asked with no distractions.

P – Proof read

During the digital interview, you will be asked several questions which will require a written response. Allow yourself time to read over your answer to ensure that it makes sense and it doesn’t contain silly grammatical or spelling errors.

R – Research

Take your time to research Capgemini, what we do and who we work with. Our seven core values are a good starting point, they are a crucial aspect to life at Capgemini and important to our people. Look across our social media channels to find out the latest news, insights and what our current apprentices on programme are up to.

E – Engagement

As well as looking for well developed answers, we also want to see what you’re like as a person and how engaged you are. Although it may seem a little bit strange talking to a screen with no one on the other side, it may help to imagine you are talking to a friend, family member or teacher. Remember to relax, be yourself and be confident.

N – Notes

Your responses should be natural but feel free to have points jotted down next to you or another screen open with key points you would like to refer to in your answers. However, we suggest that you do not read from a script as we want to see your personality.

T – Tech

Ensuring that your equipment is working, is a basic but a must. Take the time to test your internet connection, microphone and position your camera in the correct place (we want to see your face!). Having a well-developed answer is great but pointless if we can’t hear it!

I – Insight

At Capgemini people are our assets. We are committed to investing and developing our talent. During the digital interview let your personality shine through, this will enable our recruiters and hiring managers to get you to know you a little better and an insight as to what drives you as a person. This is your opportunity to showcase anything you want us to know.

C – Communication

As an apprentice at Capgemini, you will have exposure to our key clients. We want to make sure that you can deliver to our clients’ needs by being able to communicate effectively, understanding their requirements and dealing with challenging situations. Your digital interview is a chance to showcase your communication skills.

E – Experience

We are not expecting you to have years of experience, if you have the passion for technology, your apprenticeship will help you to develop the skills you need to start your career at Capgemini. We are keen to hear what you can bring to us, your motivations for applying and where your strengths lie. For example, your answers don’t have to be limited to work experience, use cases where you have been able to demonstrate what has been asked, this can relate to your education, hobbies or life experience.

We understand that the prospect of sitting a digital interview can be daunting for some people, we have therefore created a digital interview demo to hopefully make you feel less apprehensive about what you are about to experience, don’t worry, we won’t be watching these videos. You can access the demo here.

I hope the above makes you feel more comfortable about sitting the digital interview. I recommend you take a look at our apprentice pages and engage with us on social media for a further insight. You can find me @CarolineMc1_.

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