How can digital technology enable a more sustainable future for the water industry?

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We set out to address this very question during a unique and collaborative event hosted from our Accelerated Solutions Environment in London.

Today is World Water Day—a time when we should all focus our attention on the importance of universal access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities.

The question we’ve been asking at Capgemini is, how can we apply emerging technologies to help our clients in the water industry become more efficient, sustainable, and resilient against the challenges posed by a changing climate? We set out to address this very question during a unique event hosted from our London Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) in collaboration with “Business in the Community (BITC),” and our client Anglian Water.

The BITC “Digital Deep Dive” event brought together 37 experts from across industry, government, and the third sector and I was delighted to be able to give the opening presentation at this event.

The event focused on a number of aspects which I believe are core to sustainability—the focus on collecting accurate data, the need for greater collaboration across partners and sectors, and the use of digital technology as a sustainability enabler. You can find out more about the knowledge and insights generated during this event by visiting the designated Sway presentation.

For us at Capgemini, the biggest environmental impact we can have is through applying our expertise to develop solutions that help our clients solve their sustainability challenges. Hosting this event provided a fantastic opportunity to use our core digital capabilities and our unique Accelerated Solutions Environment to support BITC and several our key clients to envision a more sustainable future for the water industry.

The key findings from this event will be fed into a new report that will be published during BITC’s Responsible Business Week (April 23–27, 2018), identifying clear recommendations for government and business, as well as suggesting a new framework for creating a more sustainable future for the water industry.

To find out more about this event, please watch the video below which captures the highlights of the day.

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