Business transformation with Capgemini’s cloud automation for SAP

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There are a number of challenges a business might have to overcome when moving its operations to the cloud.

Some of those could range from Infrastructure cost reduction, a shifting focus of moving from a CapEx to an OpEx model; Building SAP centric solutions in the Cloud; Reducing Delivery timelines to match the increasing dependency on 24/7 operations and working with partners that Harbour Innovation.

Capgemini has been helping customers overcome these challenges with Cloud Automation for SAP, this blog addresses some of those challenges.

With increasing market uncertainty, keeping up with the rapid advancements of technology and controlling the spiraling cost of support and hardware maintenance; migration to Cloud is the obvious solution. It fosters an agile way of working where you consume what you use, in other words a Consumption Based Infrastructure service.

Finding the right partner to support business transformation to the Cloud can also be challenging. Capgemini, being the largest SAP Partner in the UK, has been awarded SAP® Pinnacle Award: Customers’ Choice Partner of the Year for the 10th consecutive year along with being awarded the “Recognized Expertise” (REX) accreditation for SAP HANA and Cloud Certified Architects to name a few accolades. Helping businesses today take that journey into a SAP centric Cloud Solution.

Balancing a stable SAP Landscape with on-going development, to enhance and support the business and find the right time to deploy to the Cloud to embrace the agile way of working is like juggling balls whilst jumping on a trampoline. The challenge is immense and should never be underestimated. Capgemini’s Cloud Automation for SAP helps to reduce the timeline by up to 50% and give back more control to accelerate the business transformation.

The lack of innovation is a key challenge faced by customers when maintaining an on-premise solution. The in-house team are heavily relied upon to ensure the infrastructure can support its business and keep up with innovation. With Capgemini’s Cloud Automation for SAP we bring a true Ready-to-Run Service which maintains and supports your infrastructure that harbours innovation, in the Cloud. A centralised SAP Management Hub delivers a fully integrated suite of features to monitor, administer and support the SAP Cloud solution.

Benefits of Running SAP in the Cloud with Capgemini

Capgemini asserts that businesses shouldn’t worry about whether their infrastructure is being fed and watered; whether month end will close on time or if the IT systems will be resilient in the event of a disaster. It’s already helping customers focus on leveraging the real value for it’s business transformation from its IT systems, by introducing business agility in responding to changing market conditions, adopting to new SLA’s and rapid delivery of services. Capgemini is in a unique position given their deep understanding of the SAP Solutions in the Cloud and through a long-standing relationship with key cloud partners like AWS, where 100’s of systems are managed via our automation tool.

Capgemini Delivers

Capgemini’s Ready-to-Run SAP centric automation service delivers a faster and better deployment experience, enabling our clients to focus on delivering business value with tangible operational improvements. With 50% reduction in delivering SAP Ready-to-Run environments with improved Quality through repeatable deployment, removing duplication, streamlining of repeated tasks by leveraging automation. Coupled with proactive operational support on the go, keeping informed by receiving alerts on the move, schedule system downtime through Smart Devices. Capgemini’s Cloud Automation for SAP helps to reduce downtime by using its accelerated deployment tools thereby removing end user frustration and lost productivity.

Why Capgemini

Capgemini is working with a number of Cloud partners on the “Cloud Automation for SAP” initiative. This initiative delivers SAP solutions, offering on-demand infrastructure which provides the agility, flexibility and reduction in infrastructure cost. Capgemini’s initiative also focuses on reducing delivery timelines by delivering SAP centric solutions through its Ready-to-Run platform. Anticipating the need for constant change and innovation, Capgemini has invested in developing prototypes, accelerators and reference architectures. These form the starting point for the journey with our clients; helping them to define the challenges of their business and to understand the available solutions and their likely impact.






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