As part of our National Apprenticeship Week (#NAW2018) events, on Tuesday 6th March we invited our employees to bring a prospective apprentice to an evening with Paul Margetts UK CEO, hosted by the recruitment and programme teams in our Holborn office.

One of our employees, Rachel Brand,  attended the event with her daughter Ellie, who shares her experience and the decision she has now made between University and an Apprenticeship in the post below.

A huge thank you to all involved in arranging and hosting the event, brilliantly showcasing #LifeatCapgemini and our apprenticeship programmes.


It’s coming to the time when I need to think about my options and where I want to be. My sister is at University studying Law and I have always been encouraged throughout my childhood that I should go to University.

But now there is something else on offer that I can consider, an Apprenticeship that provides me with ‘learning on the job’ and a university degree. So, I can earn a wage (enjoy myself ?), work hard and have a career, I need to look at this a bit further …….

Let’s be honest who isn’t interested in technology these days? We live in a digital world with devices that keep us busy and connected every day and it might seem complicated but its very interesting and the future looks bright for the industry.

So, when I came across the opportunity to attend the Capgemini Insight evening in their London office to understand more about apprenticeships I jumped at the chance.

On entering the office, I was very surprised at how modern it was, bright colours and very Google-ish.  I was greeted at the door by Paul Margetts who is the CEO, a very friendly man, who put me at ease and we chatted about his daughter who is slightly younger than me.  The Insight evening far surpassed my expectations, the level of personal interaction, sharing of stories and the positive message regarding Capgemini and its greatest assets – its people – was fantastic and informative.  One of the other girls with me, said that she had recently attended an apprenticeship event for a fellow competitor and that it was totally different.  She felt uncomfortable meeting people with solemn faces and there was an overall lack of engagement, whereas Capgemini was full of smiling faces and had the “vibe”.

Let’s face it, I am sold! The whole culture of the company fits with me.  I want to work hard, learn more and be part of this amazing organization that engages young people alongside professional experienced individuals.

I’m sorted, where do you want to be?

Ellie Brand (1st year Sixth Form student)