App in a Day course launches at Capgemini

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Written by Sarah Wisby, Apps for Good

In conjunction with Ark Schools , the new App in a Day course launched on Friday, February 2 in the Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) at the Capgemini office in Holborn. 65 students from schools across London and Portsmouth attended the day to put their heads together and create apps to solve problems which are important to them.

Students were taken through the course workbook to think about all aspects of their app; from who the users would be to what data they would need to capture in order to create an MVP.

App in a Day covers the following 10 activities giving students the chance to consider all the elements involved in team working and designing an app such as agreeing the team values, reviewing exciting apps, creating user profiles and drafting mini elevator pitches.

After introductions were made and everyone had taken the chance to check out the city panorama from the incredible ASE at the top of the Capgemini offices, the morning kicked off with deciding on team values. All the teams were a mixture of students from across the schools which gave them a taste for collaborating with strangers and a deeper understanding of what working in the real world is like.

Next up was a presentation from two inspirational Capgemini employees from the Applied Innovation Exchange team on emerging technology projects they are currently working on. They gave two demos of really exciting projects they are working on which will bring emerging technologies into our everyday lives through high street brands.

Students gained a deep understanding about how they’re learnings from the day are represented in the real world.

Problem scoping was next on the agenda as students took part in some idea generation; getting the creative juices flowing and thinking about the problems they wanted to solve most. They were then encouraged to look at features of everyday apps, coming up with one single idea to go forward with. This was followed by a short recording of their elevator pitch on the problem which was shown to everyone attending the event.

The afternoon saw the students split back into their teams to start sketching wireframes of their idea and how the app would function. Energy was flowing as the excitement of the Dragon’s Den session approached. Students had to work on a strong pitch and consider all the questions they may get asked about the feasibility of their idea. They created detailed wireframes on large screens to show the judges in as much detail as possible how the app would work.

Pitch time arrived and students’ confidence was strong as their passion for their ideas shone through. Ideas included an app to stop you snoozing, an app to top up the gas meter automatically, a fashion detecting app and a money saving app. The questions posed by the Capgemini judges were tough but nobody cracked under the pressure and did a great job of giving well thought through responses.

After the nerve wracking pitches were complete, the relieved students had a chance to reflect on what they had learnt from the day. Working with strangers to create a viable tech product in one day had not been an easy task but the quality of work was very high and students left the event feeling proud of what they’d achieved.

Find out more about the resources for delivering App in a Day here.

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