Home Office completes one of the UK Government’s largest cloud transformation projects

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To drive forward ambitious plans for improving immigration services, the Home Office’s Immigration Technology team identified an urgent requirement to replace its cloud platform.

Faced with the need to improve delivery efficiency, test capabilities and service performance, the team selected the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) hosting platform and chose Capgemini as its migration partner.

With more than 1,400 servers containing 10 billion rows of data representing 70 million cases relating to 80 million individuals — along with a myriad of connections to other departments, third party organisations and multiple legacy applications — this was no simple supplier transition; it involved the migration of a huge data centre whilst maintaining complete business continuity.

Capgemini worked collaboratively with the Home Office Immigration Technology team to ensure that the migration opportunity delivered innovations that provide greater reliability and ability to scale, earlier integration testing and more efficient use of the AWS cloud resources, whilst at the same time providing a support team to maintain business as usual (BAU).

By creating a detailed migration plan that broke the project down into distinct end-to end business flows, based around a robust and Agile delivery methodology, the transition was delivered in five days. It integrated 10 third party applications and 20 external connections, whilst transitioning six business services, to ensure all information was transitioned to the new cloud and no data was lost.

“This was an excellent team effort. It was quite impressive to see one team pulling together at both project management levels and the technical delivery side. This was a great example of collaboration, with many vendors working together to get this over the line.” – Ian Phoenix, Delivery Director, Home Office

With the move to AWS, the Home Office has undertaken one of the largest cloud transformation projects in UK government, and one of the largest UK public sector implementations of AWS technology to date. This places the project in the top 25 change programmes, which has delivered the objective of transforming immigration and visa services. Led by Civil Servants at the Home Office, and supported by Capgemini, Home Office’s long standing partner, the new platform has given Immigration Technology the foundations for delivering lasting transformation that meets the needs of government and citizens in the future. Read the full case study.

“This project really demonstrates our ability to deliver value to the customer; we on-boarded security cleared teams rapidly, while working in a pressurised environment, working collaboratively to deliver a very successful programme.” – Gary van Heerden, Client Account Executive, Capgemini UK

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