The evening included demonstrations of their recent projects; an inspirational talk by Jasmine Whitbread, explaining the story of her success and; an opportunity to discuss technological developments.

Below is a short report from Sarah, aged 12:

“One of the highlights of the evening was being shown a concept for a piece of software, developed for a high street retailer. The software could recognise a shoe via webcam and show the customer the shoe – along with similar items – and give them the option to order the shoe, or ask for it to try on without the need for social interaction.

Along with this, we were shown developing technology to begin letting people take high stakes exams in the comfort of their home. The research into the project has dived into ensuring people don’t cheat through a number of fail-safe ways, for example using keystroke IDs; which is when a person’s typing is analysed to ensure it’s only them typing.

The trip was inspiring, opening our eyes to a range of futures in the technology industry than we could’ve imagined as we were given the opportunity to talk to apprentices of the company and ask them a range of questions regarding what it’s like in the industry.

The opportunity was eye opening; showing us just how quickly the technology industry is developing and how many options we have past sixth form and help inspire the decisions we are yet to make about our futures.”