Students from the Thomas Telford School, Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School and Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School (among others) were hosted by the Cybersecurity Unit (CSU) as part of the Capgemini Schools Programme. The Programme encourages young people to pursue STEM subjects.

Megan Dawes, Resource Manager within our Apps UK CSU reflects on why it’s important to provide opportunities for young people to interact with employers and gain some experience and insight the skills of the future.

If you are interested in applying for a work experience placement at Capgemini in 2018 click through to this link.

Clare Mills, Schools Programme Manager

Work experience inspires students to pursue cybersecurity careers

I got involved in work experience for two reasons – it was good for me and good for our business. After participating in the Year 10 1-to-1 Mock Interviews as part of the Schools Volunteering Programme in February, I was amazed by the accomplishments, maturity and drive that each student possessed and quickly snapped up the opportunity to host work experience students this summer. My colleagues and I were able to tailor a 5 day programme that included practical exercises, demonstrations, workshops and talks from guest speakers. I was blown away by the sheer enthusiasm and determination that each of the 6 participants showed. Varying in age and ability, they all threw themselves into each activity. A few of them even stayed an hour after ‘home time’ so they could complete an optional task! It was very rewarding to see their knowledge and passion for Cybersecurity grow in just a week.

From a business point of view, as Apps UK Cybersecurity Resource Manager, I see how scarce Cybersecurity talent is with demand regularly surpassing supply. Work experience is a great opportunity to encourage new talent to join our profession.

The success of the work experience week has allowed me to put together a subsequent ‘Cybersecurity Day’. During this event, around 20 students from a school in Birmingham will take part in a set of practical exercises at our Aston-office.

Don’t take our word for it, read the students’ feedback.

  • “This week has made me realise how interesting and important Cybersecurity is – and always will be. It has shown me the career path that I want to go down.”
  • “[Capgemini] has taught me that there is more to cybersecurity than I thought. I want to keep learning more about it as there are other areas I am yet to find out about.”