Angel Frater reflects on her time with us below after completing a weeks’ work experience within our Global Marketing team based in Holborn, London.

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Clare Mills, Schools Programme Manager

Global marketing placement: Angel Frater shares her work experience story

Due to the nature of my business course, it had been advised to my class that we signed ourselves up for work experience this summer holidays and of course the first company that came to my mind immediately was Capgemini. After the lovely impression Michelle Perkins [Capgemini Schools Programme Director] had left within our school from one of her visits, the majority of my peers had the same idea in mind.

I didn’t think I would have been accepted due to the number amount of students who I knew had also applied; some of my classmates seemed much more confident and that only served to enhance my negativity.

However, around two weeks after I had signed myself up, I received a response from a lady called Clare Mills but feeling fearful towards the response, I only read it a day later.

The email included details about what I’d need to do, sign, wear and was written in a way that made me feel as if I was an adult within the working world; the way I was addressed and responded to had managed to simultaneously make me feel proud and coy.

Despite my excitement, there was one problem that I had to face: Clare Mills had included some useful information about the easiest route to get to the office. However, as a 17 year old, female who has only ever travelled with her family or friends (excluding school and home of course), you can only imagine my anxiety when I realised I would have to travel to Capgemini’s office via the train alone.

Eventually, with the help of Google and some help from pedestrians, I made it to the office on my first day.

Within my work experience team, the first person I had a conversation with was a girl called Anaan; she was very polite, purposely ‘poisoned’ my hot chocolate and it was through our conversation that I realised that each of us had our own nerves and it was normal. The second person I had met was a boy called Thomas and he has been very laid back about work experience as a whole, we found out that it was due to his previous amount of work experience. The third person I met had been Arshia and she was quite shy at first but once she warmed up to us, she turned out to be very bubbly, happy and clumsy too.

The mentor for our group was Neha Bhatt and she was amazing. Any questions we’ve had or tasks we didn’t understand, she made the time to answer and help out, despite her still having work to complete.