The Awards  recognise and celebrate the organisations, teams and individuals who are achieving excellence in customer experience. The joint Digital Customer Experience Transformation (DCX) Programme helped Business Stream to deliver significant enhancements to its customer experience. In 9 months, the DCX Programme delivered a number of key initiatives, including:

  • The redesign and delivery of Interactive Voice Response incorporating customer feedback around ease of use and navigation
  • The delivery of automated ‘call and pay’ functionality allowing self-service payments 24/7
  • The introduction of a digital ‘Virtual Assistant’ to support customer enquiries
  • The introduction of Work Force Management for effective call demand and resource forecasting
  • The introduction of automated SMS capability to support proactive customer contact
  • The creation of performance dashboards to support greater transparency and accountability for performance
  • The development of a new Business Stream app enabling customers to interact with Business Stream 24/7

Designing and deploying 11 new digital capabilities and a B2B app in just 9 months is no small undertaking, especially under the pressure of critical external timescales – I’m very proud of what the joint team has delivered and delighted to see the benefits it’s bringing to Business Stream’s customers. The DCX project is a cumulation of a successful long-standing relationship with Business Stream and provides tangible evidence of the depth of Capgemini’s digital and utilities expertise”, commented Karen Thompson, Principal, Utilities & Assets, at Capgemini.

Watch this short film to find more about the project:

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