TechnoVision is Capgemini’s visionary thought leadership put together by our network of experts and CTOs, which sheds light on what impact new technologies have on our clients’ businesses. This edition marks the 10th anniversary of the TechnoVision series and the main theme is “parallel digital realities”: the need for organisations to meticulously mirror the capabilities of the digital outside world.

Digital enterprises and “Digital” IT need to provide at least the same speed, intelligence, connectivity and experience as what the digital consumer – out there in the real world – is accustomed to. With these realities so entwined, there is no longer “digital” or “non-digital”; digital just is and quite soon may be forgotten as a concept.

Our experts have put together 37 compelling technology trend building blocks – or more accurately, “boxes” – as a repository of inspiring, challenging, and disruptive perspectives exploring the main theme of “parallel digital realities”. Each box features four sections: What (a more detailed description of the trend),  Impact (the potential business impact), Use (examples of actual usage), and Tech (relevant technology links).

The containers holding the 37 trends are:

  • Invisible Infostructure: about the evolution of infrastructure ultimately morphing into the pluggable utility it is meant to be
  • Applications Unleashed: liberating the legacy application landscape and unleashing the next generation of powerful, agile, cloud-based apps
  • Thriving On Data: leveraging data as an asset to increase the “Corporate IQ”
  • Process on the Fly: building processes that match the dynamics of the digital outside world
  • You Experience: creating unique and excellent user experiences
  • We Collaborate: tapping into the power of the connected everything

Also, the seven Design for Digital principles are a crucial mindset guide for creating the next generation of business technology solutions.

Have a look at the TechnoVision 2017 building blocks: see here for more details, download a PDF here, re-play a recent webinar with Ron Tolido, a CTO for Capgemini’s Global Insights & Data, or watch this video. More detailed content for every block will be made available through the Capgemini website as the year progresses.