Last week we celebrated the graduation of our very first batch of Degree Apprentices. Among our invited special guests was Ayoub, an A level student from London. I hope that for him it was inspiring to see where the mix of hard work, support and experience (and the odd bit of fun!) can get you. Ayoub met with and spoke to a number of the newly graduated Apprentices.

Here he reflects on his experience:

At Capgemini, a multinational IT company, a recent ceremony was held for their graduating degree apprenticeships. These were the company’s first group graduating and I got the chance to meet them and speak to them about their experiences. Whilst degree apprenticeships are a fairly new concept the graduates spoke fondly of how their overseers helped them throughout their course.

There are so many reasons why the Capgemini apprenticeship degree is so appealing. The obvious ones include the facts that you will achieve a degree debt free and earn a wage throughout the years but there a few more I thought were important to point out. Networking, now whether or not I’m using this term in the correct way the whole idea of making a name for yourself in a company that is in the industry you strive to create a career in is beyond useful. Not only do you have the security of a promised job after your graduation but you have the chance to truly work your way up the ladder. Furthermore, the people who are forefront leaders in your career path have the possibility of meeting you, seeing your face around work and even hearing about your achievements and it should be obvious why this is so promising in the opportunities it could set you up with.

Now when talking to two recent applicants to the apprenticeship, it was their attitude and willingness to learn that meant more to the company than their grades. For thoseat Capgemini the application process included a series of interviews and a presentation that allowed the to-be apprentices to explore and present how technology comes intotheir lives.

Also, for the graduates whilst they explained that they are now confident in what they do (some lead international projects and others’ were proud to say that they could see their code being used even outside of their company) they also mentioned how it wasn’t always like this. I spoke to someone who mentioned that it was only during A-levels that they discovered how much they wanted to do coding; so going into the apprenticeship they were what they’d describe as a beginner. This can be comforting in the fact that you’re not expected to already be a professional in what you want to do. It might seem obvious to some as to the fact that yes you’re going to be taught how to do your job but honestly it just felt reassuring. It reinstates the fact that as long as you are passionate about what you want to do it will work out. It is something in which if you are driven and prepared to learn there are achievements all yours for the taking.

Being able to see the amazing accomplishments, achieved by the graduates has motivated me and helped me understand the apprenticeship degree route better. Hearing about all the graduates different backgrounds made my goals seem more realistic and possible.


Year 12