One of the things I love about the Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) process and methodology is the focus around the intention of architecture.

Shapes, corners, and designs enables work towards the creative process. Buildings built with intent can allow us to open our minds, think differently and act more creatively.

Architecture guides how buildings are designed. In parallel, Design Thinking guides how decisions are made – giving us an opportunity to shape decision making within the ASE, within Capgemini and with our clients. Design Thinking refers to creative strategies designers use during the process of designing. Two of the grandfathers of Design Thinking are Herbert Simon and a book he wrote in 1969 The Sciences of the Artificial and Robert McKim with his book published in 1973, Experiences in Visual Thinking. Ultimately, the design we put in place for our participants will enable them to change the way they talk about, look at and make decisions. We collectively see the art of the possible. As architecture drives the intention of building design, so does the work that we do around Design Thinking, decision making and collaboration drive the intention for the way we design our ASE events.

Every day we are given a gift in our surroundings – to sit back and observe the beauty that hand cut the stones around us, formed the walls and laid the soil. When we look at the built world, we can ask: what is the human handprint of those who made it?

And too… we can intentionally design and build events for our clients. How can the design of our events and the intent behind them improve the way that we enable communication – verbally and non-verbally? How can we use arts, culture and design to revitalise our thinking of innovation and growth?

We do know that architecture can be a transformative engine for change… Within the Capgemini ASE, we are privileged with the opportunity to also be an engine of change for our clients with skilled facilitation, deep expertise in Design Thinking and creating a session for our clients to truly meet the transformation goals that they want to achieve.