Developed by the Carnegie Mellon University and administered by the CMMI Institute, CMMI is used to guide process improvement across a project, division or an entire organisation.

I spoke to Julie Fisher, Head of Applications Management Services at Capgemini UK, to find out why CMMI is important to Capgemini. She explained:

“Capgemini prides itself on delivering consistently good practice in its service delivery to clients. This rating provides both a strong check that the consistency and level of service is being maintained, to a globally accredited standard, and also gives us a structured process to identify areas where we can further uplift the service quality.

“This is then reflected in terms of sharing of the best of our delivery discipline across our 80 UK clients and ensuring efficiency in our service delivery, through to incident management, and into change.

“This is a great achievement for the AMS team in the UK. The Maturity Level 3 rating proves that we have a solid and repeatable ability to deliver service. In a market where customers expect service providers to deliver to ever increasing standards, this external validation demonstrates our commitment to the highest level of customer service. It’s an accreditation we are very proud of.”

See the CMMI certificate here and to find out more about Capgemini’s AMS offering, visit