Jean-Pierre Petit, Head of Digital Manufacturing at Capgemini, gave me a few pointers what to look out for this year:

  • How 2017 will see the manufacturing sector in OECD countries buck a trend of a slowdown in productivity growth, which will rise for the first time in years thanks to an increased adoption of automation on the plant floor
  • The ways machine intelligence and learning will reduce batch errors to almost zero, leading to a reduction in the global cost of production by 10%
  • How manufacturers will begin to issue augmented reality technology and wearables to their workforce as standard in order to optimise operations, improve safety and ease the skills gap being faced by the industry
  • That the coming year will see the world’s first high street manufacturer, as an industry player looks to bring its operations closer to the consumer and enter the retail industry, selling directly to users and benefitting from market data that will improve its research, development, design and manufacturing capabilities
  • How 3D printing will become widespread across more industries than ever before, including the automotive, energy, oil & gas sectors
  • Industrial organisations will begin to monetise their projects across areas such as IoT, Manufacturing Intelligence and Digital Asset Management

If you’re interested in Capgemini’s predictions for the utilities industry, visit our blog tomorrow.