You must all be familiar with this year’s Pocket Aces team by now, who are working tirelessly to raise more than £40,000 for The Prince’s Trust charity as part of the Million Makers challenge.

The team held another successful event in the Southbank office on Friday 5th August where a FIFA16 tournament was hugely popular with the graduate community there. Twelve tournament players each representing a country battled it out and in the end, Belgium overcame Argentina in the final match.

For the chocoholics in the office that day, there was a host of doughnuts, muffins, brownies and much more on sale for that much needed Friday afternoon sugar fix! By the end of the day the team had managed to raise £137. Thank you to all those that donated to the cause; enabling Pocket Aces to reach one step further in achieving their total fundraising target.

Brand ambassadorship

This year’s team has been keen to use the wider Capgemini network to help them engage with a broader audience, increase visibility for the Million Makers challenge and secure all those important donations. One such example has been in the search for Pocket Aces’ brand ambassadors within the graduate community. Pocket Aces managed to recruit several new ambassadors looking to gain exposure to fundraising, network outside their business unit and widen their skills.  Special thanks to Lucas Christandl and Safeer Hayat; the ambassadors who helped on the day of the event and in the process learnt great new skills. It was a great representation of cohesiveness – bringing individuals from across the business together to work together towards one goal.

Long term career benefits

This is not all, however…. there is much more going on behind the scenes where the Pocket Aces team is truly grasping the entrepreneurial nature of the task in order to excel in the challenge. From marketing, event planning, financial management and securing stakeholder investment from senior leadership, the team is taking on much more than their day to day consultancy roles. They are trailblazers; developing the skills for success not only for the challenge but for their entire careers. As Luca Warren, the Pocket Aces’ co-chairman, pointed out: “Every issue, every obstacle is providing an extremely valuable lesson learnt”.

If you’re still not sure who they are, meet the team and don’t hesitate to provide your support by donating through our JustGiving page:

(Left to right: Kam Naik, Luca Warren, Sakib Amin, Henna Zia, Nahla Nasser, Jake Knowles, Nash Uddin, Tiren Dhesi, Roland Grant).