You’re in your final year of university, you’ve been bombarded with questions from your university, parents and peers; where are you applying? What do you plan to do next? Have you sent any job applications off?

When thinking about where to start your career, it’s easy to get swamped by the volume and range of places to apply. We’ve all done it; logged onto our laptops in a mad, stressed frenzy and proceeded to pepper job applications to all kinds of businesses, with pretty little regard for whether we are the right fit and whether the company is the right fit for us. In hope of making your application process that bit easier, I’m going to distil in you, 3 reasons why Capgemini, specifically BTS, is the best place for you to start your career.

1)      Variety

At Capgemini, you will get the chance to work across a spectrum of roles with a variety of clients.. Working for a technology company does not just mean doing ‘techy’ work it means so much more! In the 9 months I have been at Capgemini I have worked at a major UK airport in an analytics role, a leading UK construction company on benefits cases and in a project management role in the public sector. Sometimes IT contracts will last for a number of years and you may be on a project for the whole duration, but my experience of Capgemini is that this is not the case. In your formative years, expect to be working on a huge variety of different projects both internally and externally with short duration to ensure you build core consulting skills in all the required areas.

2)      Opportunities

As the cliché goes; the world is your oyster and this could never be truer than at Capgemini. As a graduate, you will be given the opportunity to shine and make a difference. During my first few months on client contracts, I have led workshops with my clients, undertaken focus interviews and been given the chance to present to senior management. One major theme I have noticed at Capgemini, is the willingness of senior management to entrust great responsibility from early on; managers will provide support whilst challenging you to achieve great things. Opportunities do not just exist on external projects, but also for internal initiatives too. You will be encouraged to contribute and get involved in improving areas from how we recruit, to how we stay connected as a business, the main idea being; get involved internally in what you enjoy most!

3)      People

If you were to ask employees what they thought the best thing about working at Capgemini was, I’m certain one answer would crop up again and again; the People. From Day 1, I have found working with people at Capgemini fun, enjoyable and felt thoroughly motivated here. A culture of collaboration and autonomy give for a great work environment and this is encapsulated in Capgemini’s global mantra of ‘the power of one’. Within BTS, the buddying scheme provides all new starters with a graduate ‘buddy’ already working in Capgemini, as a friendly relatable face to help you with all those bugging questions.

Now, being at risk of sounding like a piece of pure sales propaganda I will hopefully summarise why joining Capgemini could be the right choice for your future career.

Whatever your background or university studies, Capgemini should not just be seen as a Technology and Outsourcing business just for technology graduates……it has something for everyone! For me it has helped nurture skills in analysing complex business issues, project management and the soft people skills needed to work effectively with all stakeholder groups. I’ve also been given the support to build my personal brand and develop as an individual in the areas that I enjoy. After all, who wants to get up in the morning to a job that they don’t enjoy! These are all the things that Capgemini continues to provide to its graduates, things that are inbuilt into its culture and why it remains a great destination for graduates.

For more information about Capgemini and the Associate Consultant Role within BTS you can visit our Careers Page or the Meet Our People page!

By Sam Frost – Visit me on Linkedin